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Learn how to “tame the beast” (muscle spasm) and not chase its tail

DIY Back Pain Relief Webinar


Learn how to release your own lower back muscle spasms using the Neuro-Muscular Technique of Positional Release!

Stretching, Massage, Exercise, Foam Rollers and Tennis Balls alone won’t work!
First you must stop the muscle spasms signal from the nervous system.
Then you can release the muscle spasm using those modalities more effectively.

Webinar in English:
Wednesday March 24th 2021 6:30 PM PST

Muscle taught will be:
1) Psoas ( The groin muscle)

  • You will learn how to reset your nervous system to release muscle spasms and to calm down your “fight or flight” mechanism.
  • You will learn the fastest way to maximize oxygenation to the muscles and removing the lactic acid out of them.

45-minute workshop includes:
Lectures, Demonstrations of the Releases, and Hands on Self-Treatment!

  • Understanding the mechanism of muscle spasms
  • Understanding the neuromuscular basis of strain counterstrain (positional release) technique
  • Understanding the most prevalent biomechanical dysfunction that leads to injuries
  • In most of the hands-on session you will be laying on your back. Your legs can be supported by a chair, sofa, bed, foam block, or cardboard box.
  • Students are advised to purchase the book Do lt Yourself Back Pain Relief In 90 Seconds before the class.

Gadi Kaufman, Certified Neuromuscular Therapist

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