Your first treatment will last about 70-80 minutes.


For the first 10 minutes I will ask you about your symptoms, moves, and positions that make your symptoms worse. We will discuss your sleeping, sitting, and standing habits, and past therapy history.

Please bring X-ray and MRI reports if you have them. They are helpful for me to see.


I will evaluate your bio mechanical dysfunction while you are standing, sitting, and lying down.

I will look for decreased range of motion of the sacroiliac joint, and neck, for abnormal spinal rotation, for unlevel hips, and decreased range of motion of internal/external rotation of the hip joints.

I will scan the whole body for muscle spasms, not just where you feel pain.


Based on Physics and Physiology

My first line of attack is the autonomic nervous system, not the muscles nor the joints. We follow your nervous system’s structure from the center to the periphery.

This means we release the muscle spasms from the center of the body, and then go to the peripheral muscles according to the biomechanical dysfunction found in the body.

I do not chase pain.

I look for the cause of pain and strive to achieve lasting results.


  1. To correct the found bio-mechanical dysfunction by releasing the sacroiliac joints, untwisting the spinal rotation, leveling the hips (which carry the body’s center of gravity), and increasing the range of motion of the hips (internal/external rotation).
  2. Change the chemical environment in the muscles by elevating the oxygen level and decreasing the lactic acid level and by releasing muscle spasms all over the body, not just in the symptomatic areas.
  3. Reset the autonomic nervous system. Switch from the sympathetic mode, the “fight or flight” mode, to the parasympathetic, the “relaxation” mode.
  4. Reroute the operation of the nervous system by practicing the learned releases.

Long Term Health

I will teach you a do-it-yourself home program that will help you accelerate the healing process. When you do these ‘self-spasm releases’ at home, your nervous system will send the electrical signals (impulses) to the new neuropathways you create, and not to the old ones where you feel pain. This will lead to long term results and pain relief. This technique could also be used for prevention and maintenance.