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An instruction manual by Gadi Kaufman

Do It Yourself Back Pain Relief in 90 Seconds

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1- Psoas
Chapter 2- Iliacus center
Chapter 3- Rectus abdominus
Chapter 4- Oblique lower
Chapter 5- Iliacus lower
Chapter 6- Oblique upper
Chapter 7- Spinal extensors
Chapter 8- Quadratus lumborum
Chapter 9- Piriformis

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From Neuromuscular Therapist Gadi Kaufman comes the long awaited book about how to relieve back pain using the pain-free approach called Strain Counterstrain Technique.

In Do It Yourself Back Pain Relief in 90 Seconds, you will learn important information about lower back pain that you have not been told by the previous practitioners.

For example, did you know that the majority of lower back pain does not actually originate in the lower back muscles themselves? In other words, when you feel lower back pain, the true source of that pain can often be traced to muscles and joints in the front of the body.

Yes, that’s right: those tired and overused muscles in the front of the body can radiate severe pain to the lower back. This lower back pain quickly becomes chronic due to a chain reaction that occurs which limits mobility, twists and torques the spine, rotates the pelvis, and compresses hip sockets on both sides of the body.

At the center of this chain reaction is a painful muscle spasm, which means the muscle has essentially shut down and stopped shortening and stretching — the muscle is locked in contraction mode. If this muscle spasm is left untreated, your lower back pain can persist for years. But now you can do something about it.

In Do It Yourself Back Pain Relief in 90 Seconds, you will learn how to use the passive and pain-free Strain Counterstrain Technique to release persistent muscle spasms and relieve your lower back pain — in the comfort of your own home, and with no more equipment than your sofa or a chair. This technique is extremely gentle and doesn’t require spinal manipulations or uncomfortable maneuvers or deep tissue massage. You can relieve your pain without harsh medications, and without any additional pain during the process.

Do It Yourself Back Pain Relief in 90 Seconds is not another book of exercises and stretching. This technique will manipulate the autonomic nervous system and switch off the muscle spasm (which is being controlled by the nervous system). Relieving this pain is all about the nervous system. Muscles are dependent on the nervous system. If you don’t allow the nervous system to reset, then the spasm will not release.

As the author Gadi Kaufman famously says:

“The nervous system is the boss!
The muscles are the employees!”

The step-by-step instructions and illustrations in Do It Yourself Back Pain Relief in 90 Seconds focus on the specific muscles that are known contributors to lower back pain including: Psoas, Iliacus, Rectus Abdominus, Abdominal Obliques, Quadratus Lumborum, Piriformis, and more. With these 9 positional releases, you can begin to live again without lower back pain, which is something everyone deserves.

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