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Back Pain

I came in to his office in the worst pain of my life… barely able to walk.

Then in Gadi’s calm, patient, knowledgeable hands my muscles relaxed and my nervous system calmed. With doctors and chiropractors puzzled, he knew right away what was wrong and the cause of my pain. I highly recommend going to him, not only does he help, but he also teaches you how do it on your own.

James P.
Spinal Pain
Studio City, California

I had an automobile accident that resulted in two back surgeries. Worked with many physical therapists for forty years but unable to regain complete mobility and suffered from chronic pain. As I aged, my mobility continually declined and the chronic pain grew more aggravated.

Gadi Kaufman changed everything.

Today I am restored to complete mobility and pain free. It’s a miracle to be able to walk like a normal person and even play sports. Gadi Kaufman is a genius who will improve your life.

Neil Levin
Chronic Back Pain

Only a few months ago I was having to “plan a trip” to the bathroom from the living room in my small apartment because the nerve reactions in my legs and feet were so severe. I was scared I’d end up in a wheelchair which is often the prognosis with spinal stenosis. Instead I’m planning picnics with my grandchildren and working on the future of my business. After only two months of strain/counterstrain under Gadi’s kind ministrations, I am almost symptom free.

I know that a ​symptom free life is just a short time away. Thank you, Gadi.​

Maia Berens
Age 71​, Spinal and Leg Pain

Gadi is the best! The strain counter-strain method is the only method that works for relieving pain in my neck and back. What I thought were muscle knots were really muscles in spasm, and one visit to Gadi leaves me pain free and stable for months.

Rachel F.
Back and Neck Pain
Irvine, California

I’ve been living with chronic, constant pain on the left side of my body for 5 years now. At times, it is incapacitating, but often I am able to function at a low level. My brother introduced me to Gadi while I was visiting from Hawaii, and so I thought I’d try what he was selling, see if it was any good. Mind you, I’ve tried it all, so I think I’m a pretty good judge of what is effective. Lasers- not for me. Accupuncture, limited effectiveness, but some. Physical therapy was good, but painful. Massage – Same – painful, limited duration help. Chiropractic – not any help for my nerve or muscular pain. Medication, too.

Anyways, I didn’t know what to expect, but I was imagining it was some sort of massage, maybe with physio-tape, but it was very different. In our session, he took the time to really learn my body and the aches and pains, and then proceeded to bend me, stretch me, and the whole process was very gentle and seemingly… I don’t know what it seemed like, since one second, I was thinking this isn’t going to do anything, and the next second, my muscles had stopped spasming and didn’t hurt!

He kept doing that, muscle group by muscle group, till I was as pain free as I’ve ever been. Because I’ve had so much ‘practice’ at pain, he knew I’d need some more attention to retrain my body and brain, but I was leaving for Hawaii. Damn. If I lived there, I’d go regularly as a tool to help me rebuild my body, and I’m looking for a fellow like him out here. Wish me luck, and enjoy the resource you lucky Californians have, ok?

Darin Padula
Chronic Back and Spinal Pain

Last summer I had severe pain in my neck, back, shoulders, all the way to the tips of my fingers on my left hand. Two surgeons recommended spinal surgery, which would have laid me up for weeks, and might not even be effective. Instead, I went to Gadi. From the first moment when he repositioned one of my neck muscles, I was a devotee. The first session was 90 minutes; if he would have let me, I would have stayed for 90 hours. Two months of Gadi and I was free of pain, with no surgery. I would highly recommend Gadi to anyone in pain.

Greg Y.
Back and Neck Pain
Los Angeles, California

After experiencing Gadi’s technique and learning about how it works, I am a total fan. Gadi has helped me with chronic lower back pain and also at times of severe muscle spasm. I have sworn off chiropractics in turn for the gentle, non-jarring, and effective results of the ‘strain/counter-strain’ method. After several appointments one is actually able to learn how to help themselves alleviate muscle spasms and achieve relief from pain. I highly recommend Gadi as an extremely knowledgeable and professional therapist. Totally worth it!!!

Karen Sarto
Lower Back Pain
Los Angeles, California

After 7 years of suffering with hip, back & joint pain & being referred over & over again to many different physical therapists, acupuncturist & non surgical orthopedic centers, I was very happy to finally meet Gadi Kaufman & his very unique method of neuromuscular therapy (strain-counter strain). Because of my disappointment in all of the other methods & specialists I was not expecting much but after my first visit with Gadi I was extremely happy & had a renewed sense of hope that my problem could actually be fixed. After 7 years of pain, I left Gadi’s office with no pain, yippie!!!

I was still skeptical because so many doctors & therapists told me that this is something I will have to live with unless I got cortisone shots. I kept thinking that the pain would return so after sleeping through the night with no pain I woke & expected the pain to be there, but it wasn’t. I went for about a week pain free & after the daily activities & bad postural habits I did have some pain come back. After learning that recovery was possible & learning important daily routines, exercises, and positional release & postural adjustments from Mr. Kaufman, I am happy to report that I have been pain free for almost a year after my first visit to Gadi.

I would say to anyone that is suffering from pain “It may not be something that you have to live with, despite what the doctors tell you”. I am forever grateful to Gadi & I’m so happy that I did not give up.

Sandra Ferarri
Back Pain, Hip Pain and Joint Pain
Los Angeles, California

I am a 37 year old athletic male who loves to play all sports. About 15 years ago i had a major back surgery where they took part of my hip bone and fused it to my back to heal a broken vertebrae. The surgery was a success until about 4 years later i started getting horrible back spasms. I went everywhere to fix it physical therapy, chiropractors, and acupuncture. None of it helped i found myself depressed and mentally drained. Finally a friend told me about Gadi. At first i was hesitant as i had never heard of this kind of work being done. I finally gave it a chance feeling i had nothing to lose. I honestly did not expect it work as i had grown tired of being disappointed. In 3 short weeks i was back to my old self the way i was before i hurt my back. I cant stress enough how Gadi turned my life around.

I now play anything i want to do i.e. basketball ski tennis pilates. If you have muscular problems i know Gadi can fix it. If you think i am exaggerating call me at my work 800-914-9434 ask for Jason.

Jason Ganor
Lower Back Pain
Van Nuys, California

This testimonial is way over due. I could have written it after my very first visit with Gadi because of the wonderful results I received right from the very beginning. I’ve had back pain off and on for a long time due to previous injuries that I now realize never properly healed. About six months ago my back pain became quite severe with no relief in sight. I went to a chiropractor with little results. The pain quickly returned after each treatment and I found that the adjustment was very jarring on my nervous system. I didn’t know what to do. The Universe knows when the time is right and at that moment in my greatest despair, a yoga acquaintance handed me Gadi’s card. I was not familiar with his technique of Strain Counter Strain so my curiosity led me to his website. Everything just made so much sense as if a light bulb went off. I’ve been going to Gadi ever since. My back is so much better and I have greater mobility and softness in my muscles. The results have been amazing. Gadi’s gentle, wonderful, technique makes sense and really works.

Carol Senecal
Lower and Mid Back Pain
Santa Monica, California

When I first went to see Gadi I had severe pain in my side and lower back. With his gentle touch and wonderful technique he was able to alleviate the pain and get me back my normal routine in a short time. Along with his treatments I did (and still do) the exercise he gave me. Prior to seeing Gadi I had been to doctors and acupuncturists but it took Gadi to do the job for me.

Royce Younger
Lower Back Pain
Marina del Rey, California

Some things in life are so important that time must be set aside to address them. At fifty years old with a injured back since 11 years old I came to Gadi Kaufman after struggling to recovery from major back surgery. I tried physical therapists, doctors, and on down the list ending up with a women praying over me with crystals. After some recovery my back was getting frighteningly worse.

Gadi’s first treatment passed the “Advil ” test, did I feel better than I would have taking two Advil. Yes, much better. Things simply got better and better from there. All other practitioners either hurt me during or pain came after treatment, aggravating my problem, or they did nothing. Gadi released the pain and clearly explained what the cause was and how I could slowly remedy it. What more could I ask for! I now rarely have any pain and even the rare occurrence is disappearing. I am preparing to return to more mainstream help like yoga and Pilates, which formerly had just hurt my back more.

I want to add that for most of my life I have worked as a professional coach in both cycling and rowing. I have helped many athletes deal with injuries and thus have been exposed to a large number of therapists. Gadi’s knowledge in his field is simply outstanding. I also want to mention that he always puts me first. Some therapists try to put you on a very long expensive routine where you must see them essentially for life. Gadi is all about getting me well and teaching me to keep myself well. He has given me my life back.

Buz Tarlow
Lower Back Pain
Topanga, California

Gadi has helped me to get through severe pain. His knowledge and various techniques never cease to amaze me. The method he uses is gentle and always effective. In my opinion, it is far superior and more sophisticated than chiropractic and physical therapy.

Clair Miller
Lower Back Pain
Beverly Hills, California

When I first came to Gadi, I couldn’t raise my right leg. I also had neck and lower back pain. With his unique method and customized exercises, I have been able to maintain a very active lifestyle. I have recommended him to my family and my friends, and I can’t thank him enough for all his patience and help.

Ricki Vancott
Lower Back Pain
Santa Monica, California

I met Gadi Kaufman when I was in a lot of pain in my lower back. I had tried physical therapy and chiropractics in the past to no avail. Having been treated by Gadi was a miracle. His unique combination of techniques was amazing. They made all the difference in the world. Since then I have no low back pain, I am very active physically in spite of my advanced age. I strongly recommend to everybody to take advantage of his remarkable gift if they are in any pain whatsoever.

John Berkman
Lower Back Pain
Calabasas, California

It’s my second visit to “The Maestro” Gadi Kaufman. I call him this because he is a virtuoso with his fingers on the muscles of the body! He truly is a “nerve whisperer.”

This trip I actually had a migraine, the reason why I’m going to him in the first place, and I got to watch and experience him methodically de-construct it muscle by muscle. He disassembled my migraine so I was able to feel my migraine gently dissolve piece by piece until for the first time in ten years I no longer was at war with my body.

I was able to attribute the migraine to muscle spasm, which is what he “teaches” us. I felt a compassion for my body like I had never felt before.

I now know in my heart that my body is not a thing to go to combat with by taking pills, hating it for the mysterious pain it has caused me with these headaches.

In the past I have wondered, “Do I have a tumor in my neck or head? Does my neck have a bone spur? What is causing these migraines????!!!” Gently, with infinite patience, Gadi “took the migraine apart” and laid it out in manageable pieces for me to see. Leaving me feeling that the “painful monster” evaporated before my very eyes and I was no longer terrorized by something so unknown.”

Thank you Gadi for all you do. I’m a believer.

Cynthia Maglaras
Migraine headaches
Los Angeles, California

After a near fatal car accident in 1998 and numerous attempts at various therapies a friend recommended I see Gadi Kaufman. With just a few treatments my headaches, backpain and arm extension had improved. Gadi embraces small miracles daily with his skill.

Sharon Reich
Long Beach, California

I could not thank you enough for helping me get rid of my headaches following the bus accident in Rome. I had never suffered from frequent headaches in the past. After the accident, I lived on pain killers. One visit with you relieved the pressure from my neck and the headaches were gone.

Hanna Lidgi
Thousand Oaks, California

Hip Pain

I sought Gadi’s help when I started training for the Dublin marathon in 2001. It had been ten years since I had run my first marathon and I was feeling anxious about certain aches, pains and tightness I was beginning to experience as my training increased. In particular I was developing severe pain in my IT bands that threatened my long training runs. I saw Gadi twice a week for 2 months prior to the marathon. The work was intense, very deep and thankfully, very enjoyable. The result was I ran a good, strong marathon. I moved to Oregon a few years ago. I see Gadi when I can. I’ve run six more marathons since then however, Dublin remains my fastest time and quickest recovery. I know it was my work with Gadi that prepared me for the extreme physical demands that running a marathon requires. If I were still in California I would be a regular in his office! I had seen a several physical therapists over the years and was never very impressed with the results. What really impresses me about Gadi is his commitment to continuing to refine his work. As a healer he is really in a league of his own.

Maureen Gates
Hip Pain
Santa Monica, California

I am a fit, committed health professional. Two years ago I experienced so much pain in my rear end and side thighs I couldn’t function. My world revolved around my pain. “How does one live with such pain?” was the question asked a team of practitioners including a podiatrist, neurologist, neuro-surgeon, chiropractor, acupuncturist, physical therapist, massage therapist and psycho therapist. All had opinions, but Gadi was the only person that said “you don’t have to” and proceeded to alleviate my spasms and give me methods to relieve them myself. I am back in the gym, walking, biking and doing yoga. What a relief! Thank you Gadi.

G. McMahon RN, BSN
Hip Pain
Calabasas, California

Dear Gadi, I wish to thank you for your neuromuscular therapeutic help following my recent back fusion operation. As expected my back and leg muscles tightened dramatically. Your ability to get the muscles to relax gave me reduced pain and improved mobility facilitating my rehab program.

Richard Mills
Hip Pain
Claremont, California

Neck & Shoulder Pain

After I was car jacked from my BMW, I couldn’t move my neck. I tried accupuncture, chiropractic and massage with little help.

I was relegated to cracking my neck three times a day to try to relieve the pressure and was miserable. A friend at work said I should see Gadi.

My friend had been told that he wouldn’t ever walk again after an accident. He said it was only because of Gadi that he had experienced a full recovery. Wow, I thought, I hope I can have that kind of turn around!

I have seen Gadi every week for 8 weeks and now I can turn my head around almost like an owl! I am seeing blind spots when I drive that I haven’t seen in years! He is a true healer and I am so blessed to have the relief I have been looking for for years.”

He is amazing… Gadi was the answer to my prayers!

Tiffany W.
Neck Pain
Chicago, Illinois

For years I tried other therapies (chiropractic, Rolfing) to relieve neck and shoulder pain with inconsistent results that did not last. Finally, I tried Gadi. His techniques and instructions provide immediate relief that lasts. My condition continues to improve.

Linda Masada
Neck Pain
Santa Monica, California

Gadi Kaufman has been instrumental in helping me heal a chronic shoulder and back pain. With his excellent, careful and caring interventions, he was able to identify what was needed to improve posture and alleviate physical pain. Thank you Gadi for such excellent care.

Ronit Ever-Hadani
Shoulder Pain
Santa Monica, California

Last year I was referred to Gadi by a PhD friend of mine after my friend found out that I had severely strained some muscles in my left shoulder playing golf. The pain in my left shoulder was so severe that I couldn’t even go to the gym and perform weight-lifting exercises anymore. It was even difficult to sleep, because applying any pressure on my left shoulder, even while lying down, would cause pain to sear through my left shoulder. What added to the pain was my poor body posture, which was partly caused by sitting in front of a computer all day long. By applying his techniques of Neuromuscular Therapy, Gadi helped reduce the pain in my left shoulder, while simultaneously improving my overall body posture through special strengthening and stretching exercises. I have no more problems sleeping, I’m weight-lifting at the gym again, and I have no more shoulder pain while swinging a golf club.

J. Michael Wuestemann
Shoulder Pain
Culver City, California

As a result of ignoring a shoulder injury I could not lift my arms more than a few degrees and had a great deal of pain in my neck, elbows and wrists. Gadi not only restored full use of both arms, he straightened my posture and alleviated my chronic hip pain. He also prescribed a set of exercises which strengthens my core muscles, relieves stress and helps keep me pain-free in spite of many hours spent at the computer. I highly recommend Gadi and the strain counter strain technique.

Lee Marvin
Shoulder Pain
Torrance, California

The type of therapy that Gadi Kaufman uses has been a life saver for me! I’ve been able to stay active and play tennis after 20 years of suffering from severe muscle spasms in my upper body. I also learned how to help deal with my occasional muscle spasms on my own. He has changed my life and taught me how to be aware of my body and maintain good posture.

Robin Thayer
Neck/Shoulder Pain
Marina del Rey, California

I’m a fifty year old man, and Mr. Kaufman through his amazing knowledge helped me to get rid of the pain that I was suffering for years in my right elbow and neck. Gadi achieved this in about two minutes by positioning my muscles in a passive position, without the use of any medication, massage or conventional medical techniques. This was and still is amazing to me. His technique helped me particularly with my mouth’s range of motion. Due to an accident that I suffered twenty-four years ago, my jaw broke and I could only open my mouth 20mm. After visiting Mr. Gadi for four sessions, my mouth’s range of motion increased to 28mm. Mr. Gadi, I want to thank you for what you have done for me and I wish the best in the world for you. Thanks again for everything.

Matt Moetazedi
Jaw Pain/T.M.J.
Sherman Oaks, California

I came to Gadi due to some whiplash that I had received from a car accident. Gadi’s treatment was so productive, that I also asked him to help me with some continual pain I felt in my lower back and stiffness in my neck. I believe that his strain counter strain therapy totally works and has definitely helped relieve me of my pain and discomfort. Thanks, Gadi.

Amy Jacobson
Lower Back/Neck Pain
Sacramento, California

Other Ailments

I suffered from plantar fasciitis for about 9 months before I went to see Gadi. The pain in my heel was constant, excessive and close to debilitating. Prior to seeking treatment from Gadi I was treated by both a podiatrist (who prescribed a stretching boot and orthotics) and a physical therapist (who did all sorts of electro-muscular stimulation, laser therapy and more traditional therapies), neither of whom was able to help.

After examining me, Gadi suggested that the problem was not originating from my heel or foot, but from my calf. He treated me six times over the course of 3 weeks. And just like that… after 9 months of pain… problem solved. (And while I would have gladly paid Gadi whatever it cost to relieve the problem, in truth, it cost me a fraction of what I had already spent for unsuccessful visits to the podiatrist and phys therapist.)

To say it was nearly like magic is not hyperbole. Thank you, Gadi!

Los Angeles, California

I came in to his office in the worse pain of my life… barely able to walk. Then in Gadi’s calm, patient, knowledgeable hands my muscles relaxed and my nervous system calmed. With doctors and chiropractors puzzled, he knew right away what was wrong and the cause of my pain. I highly recommend going to him, not only does he help, but he also teaches you how do it on your own.

James Field
Los Angeles, California

Gadi Kaufma’s Strain Counterstrain therapy has been a critical turning point in my life. After numerous lumbar and thoracic fusions, I suffered in pain for many years. I could no longer sit in a chair, walking had become challenging, and getting a good nights’ sleep had become a rarity. I tried pain killers, traditional treatments, many alternative treatments, and had been to numerous pain specialists. Relief had always been temporary and fleeting. Then, by chance, I had the great fortune to discover Gadi’s Strain Counterstrain work. Little did I know that in contacting Gadi for treatment I would be able to sit again, get the first deep sleep I’ve had in years, and best of all, not wake up in horrible pain each day. I am truly grateful.

Roberta Feigenbaum
Neck/Shoulder/Hip/Lower Back Pain
Los Angeles, California

I wanted to write to you and express my appreciation for your talent and dedication and above all, for the help I had gotten over the years from you. You always take time to hear the full story and you explain everything you do. Your work is so gentle and many times has immediate effect. Your explaining motivates me to continue my healing at home with the list of exercises that follow every visit. I wish more people knew what I had learned from your treatments – that the muscles have this central role in maintaining the skeletal structure in its place. And that manipulating the skeleton while ignoring the muscles cannot produce lasting effects as does your work.

Ora Hsu
Irvine, California

I suffered from plantar fasciitis for about 9 months before I went to see Gadi. The pain in my heel was constant, excessive and close to debilitating. Prior to seeking treatment from Gadi I was treated by both a podiatrist (who prescribed a stretching boot and orthotics) and a physical therapist (who did all sorts of electro-muscular stimulation, laser therapy and more traditional therapies), neither of whom was able to help.

After examining me, Gadi suggested that the problem was not originating from my heel or foot, but from my calf. He treated me six times over the course of 3 weeks. And just like that… after 9 months of pain… problem solved. (And while I would have gladly paid Gadi whatever it cost to relieve the problem, in truth, it cost me a fraction of what I had already spent for unsuccessful visits to the podiatrist and phys therapist.)

To say it was nearly like magic is not hyperbole. Thank you, Gadi!

Calf & Foot Pain
Los Angeles, California

A week ago I was mugged and thrown to the pavement by an armed assailant. In one session with Gadi, he not only removed most of the pain but also released the trauma of the event from my body. My head is clear and my mood is better for the first time in a week. I so recommend his work!

Los Angeles, California

I was a successful, unstoppable competitive runner when injured in a car accident. I was on a full track and cross country running scholarship with access to top medical and sports professional, but not one knew what was wrong and why my running was off.

I tried everything: sports medicine doctors, physical therapist, chiropractors, acupuncture, orthodics, nutrition – You name it! I tried it.

Nothing “really” worked… until I met Gadi… Because of the technique Gadi uses I am back to my fast, at ease running.

A treatment with Gadi is better than any massage. You will feel like going into a deep sleep. The technique addresses the real issue—muscles that want to relax, but can’t because they are in spasm. The technique will give your body the chance to ‘truly” feel better and heal because O2 and blood can now circulate to the muscle.

Don’t waste your time or money anywhere else. Go see Gadi!”

Jane Graves
Los Angeles, California