Do it Yourself Back Pain Relief
Instructional Videos

We are excited to release a new series of 11 videos with detailed visual guidance for your back pain relief. Each video corresponds to a chapter of the book. Follow along with the book and videos for the best learning experience.

Free Videos

Anatomy of a Muscle Spasm (Part 1)

Learn about the true cause of pain and how you can find relief.

Anatomy of a Muscle Spasm (Part 2)

The nervous system is the boss. The muscles are the employees.

Anatomy of a Muscle Spasm (Part 3)

Pain relief through the strain counterstrain technique.

The mystery of Lower Back Pain

Discover the mystery of lower back pain, and its solution. Gadi Kaufman NMT reveals the 90 second remedy for lower back pain.

Biomechanical Dysfunction and its Impact on Injuries

Do you know the cause of your injury? In this video Gadi Kaufman describes the root cause of most injuries in the body.